About us

The Caramelized folks are only 50% of our team.

Our work is highly collaborative and requires close relationships with authors and publishers. This partnership will produce cookbooks that will define how the next generation cooks.

Patrik Dusek, Software Architect

Our product development roadmap extends about four years out. To meet such lofty goals requires not just technical skills, but a mature approach to engineering. Patrik breaks down the long journey into many small steps. That enables us to see progress on a regular basis and to continually make small adjustments to our course rather than major ones, which set us back tremendously.

Patrik is a computer scientist with several years of experience leading software development teams. Most recently he lead the software development at TeamDrive Systems for their cross platform data synchronisation application.

Jörn Schoppe, User-Experience-Engineer

Jörn bridges the technical and creatives worlds. He is integral in not only development of our client application, but also in defining how it works. Since he is responsible for how every single detail of how our applications appear on the screen he asks extremely detailed questions of the design team, often already having an answer in his head.

Jörn‘s career focus has been on web and mobile development, in particular iPhone and iPad. Among his projects he lead the planning and development efforts for the Audi ekatalog for iPad and Desktop as well as web development for verwandt.de, Lamborghini Supertrofeo and Deutsche Telekom.

John Grøtting, CEO/Founder

A designer by eduction. A strategy lead by training. Nerd and cook by hobby. Caramelized is the natural consequence of such a colorful profile. The product vision comes from John.

John has over 20 years of experience leading innovative web, mobile, software and branding work for major corporations such as Audi, Mercedes-Benz, IBM and Deutsche Telekom. Most recently he lead the strategy and desing of the Audi eKatalog, a digital brochure platform. He has bult top creative teams in the US and Germany at agencies such as Philipp und Keuntje, Scholz & Volkmer, marchFIRST, Sapient and DDB Needham.