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Bought a wheel of Parmesan on your trip to Italy? What to do with it?

I admit that I did this once. I was in Milan and went into Peck’s. This is a mecca for any foodie. They have the finest of the finest ingredients that one could imagine and a wonderful wine bar in the cellar. Where else could you do your grocery shopping and take break for some local vintage?

Anyways, I was fascinated by the wheels of Parmesan cheese. They were like a siren’s call. I was traveling by car, so I took a quarter of a wheel. I ended up taking about 20 liters of olive oil, too.

Back at home I started realizing that I couldn’t eat or cook enough at fast enough a pace to prevent it from going bad. So, what could I do? Freeze it.

Most cheeses don’t freeze well, but Parmesan is different. The frozen cheese won’t be as good to finish dishes, but if you are cooking with it, then it will be fine.

The cheese will hold longer in your freezer if you keep it sealed tightly with little or no air. Wrap it first in wax paper then wrap it up in plastic wrap. For practical purposes, you may want to first cut a large block into smaller pieces. A block should hold well for up to six months. If you have grated the cheese, then don’t expect it to hold well for more than two months.