How it all got started

Caramelized was started with a simple need. How do I get all of my favorite cookbooks into the nice, compact form of an iPad. All of my cookbooks were in the hallway on a bookshelf, since I didn‘t have enough room in the kitchen. Even if I had had enough room, I wouldn‘t have brought them into an environment where oil, juice, flour and spices could get all over them.

One day I spent almost an hour looking for a scallops recipe that I had. I was sure it was in one of my cookbooks. But, which one? It would be sooo much easier if I could just type a keyword or two into a search engine that knew exactly what books I have. Then it would instantly pull it up and I could start cooking.

This was a problem that I knew I could solve! If I were to have cookbooks on my iPad, then what other features would really help me while I cook? If I could solve my own needs, then I was certain I could do that for many other cooks. To prove my theory I built a prototype and asked folks young and old to cook with it. Amazingly, everyone found it not only really easy, but they had lots of fun using this app.And of course they had lots of requests for more features.

I showed it to a few cookbook authors and they got excited, too.That was the decisive moment for me. If cooks and authors love it, well then this is a business that can make a profit. I knew I would enjoy building this product, but it would take a seriously talented team to achieve what I had envisioned. So, without a solid business plan it couldn‘t be more than a hobby.

We are off and running now. The App is now available in the App Store and we are currently preparing more books for our platform.

We will be keeping you updated on our progress. And, we would love to hear your feedback and get a few of you to visit our Test Kitchen along the way. Check back every now and then or follow us on Facebook.