The Best Seafood from the cold clear waters of Norway

Norwegian seafood is world class. This is why the publisher, Drivkraft Forlag, and the Culinary Institute of Norway have joined forces to highlight the Norwegian seafood culture nationally and internationally. “The Best Seafood from the Cold, Clear Waters of Norway” contains an exclusive collection of recipes from former Olympic and world champions, and is illustrated by the unique images of the renowned photographer Tom Haga. The book also takes us on a culinary journey through the Norwegian seafood history and nature.

Whether you are a professional chef with an ambition to exceed the expectations of your guests, or you are just a seafood lover who wants to give your family a healthy and tasty meal, this book is for you. We have collected hundreds of recipes that based on quality ingredients found in Norwegian waters – from salmon and trout, herring and mackerel, cod and halibut, shrimp, crab, lobster and sea urchins. Norway has a unique history as a seafood nation, with a thousand-year tradition of providing seafood to world markets. Regardless of the extent of your knowledge about Norwegian fisheries and seafood, we have identified and adapted highlights and historical lines that will inspire you to learn more.

We believe that through this book, the world will discover Norway’s advantage: Cold, clear waters, expertise and quality…not to mention logistics ensuring that fresh fish is available daily.