Smart Cookbooks App for tablets

The best cookbooks and recipes from chefs around the world.
iPad & Android Tablets


Caramelized integrates Smart Cookbooks and recipes in a library. Our intelligent tools work in all books and help you cook.



Expand your library with single recipes or whole books – directly inside the app or here on our website.

Video Lexicon

You aren’t familiar with a cooking technique that is mentioned in a recipe? Our video tutorials will help you out.

Quick navigation

Chapter and thumbnail navigation helps you find recipes quickly.


Open several recipes at once. Even recipes from other books

Portion Calculator

Easily adjust ingredient amounts to the number of people you are cooking for.

Shopping lists

Create shopping lists that you can access and edit from your smartphone


Caramelized synchronizes your library and shopping lists on up to 5 devices.


In our step-by-step view mode the ingredients you need are highlighted. Many recipes include step-by-step videos.


Track timers from multiple recipes and even different cookbooks simultaneously.


Add your personal notes to all recipes